Quickie: Paper Pong

I was brows­ing Red­dit this evening and came across Paper Pong. It’s a paper based ver­sion of pong that is based on the idea of the Choose Your Own Adven­ture books I read and loved as a kid. It’s not very fun, but it did get me think­ing about most sim­ple games are noth­ing but a series of pre­de­fined states with tran­si­tions from one to another based on the rules of the game. To make a paper ver­sion, all that’s needed is to draw out all pos­si­ble states and then link them with page num­bers. The part that made me smile the most was the mes­sage on page 25. “To quit, close this book.”

You can play Paper Pong here in a new win­dow (popup).