Bluetooth Keyboard on Andoird

I kind soul at my client brought in a Log­itech Tablet Key­board for Android today for me try out.  The touch of the keys is as respon­sive and com­fort­able as a stan­dard key­board at my desk­top and works quite well for long form tasks.  Set­ting it up is pretty sim­ple and the included case dou­bles as an effec­tive stand for the tablet.  I’m writ­ing this on the key­board through the Word­Press appli­ca­tion on the house­hold Galaxy Nexus 10.

I can imag­ine that if I were to work mainly on emails and other doc­u­ments, that the key­board and tablet make a rather portable and func­tional lap­top replace­ment. In fact, if I were still in a role that required long hours at the CLI in linux for devel­op­ing Python code or exe­cut­ing a vari­ety of secu­rity tools, the com­bi­na­tion of JuiceSSH and the tablet+keyboard make for a rather nice setup. I’m sit­ting with the tablet on the din­ning room table, and the key­board is com­fort­able to type at. This would also make trav­el­ing light quite a bit eas­ier were it paired up with a blue­tooth mouse and Cit­rix access to crit­i­cal applications.

You can read a full review of this device over at Android Guys.