Unix Tools — Cool and Useful

From Hack­erNews:

gno­sis 14 hours ago | link

abcde — CD to mp3 rip­per
apg — ran­dom pass­word gen­er­a­tor
base64 — bet­ter than uuen­code
boxes — draw any kind of boxes around your text
bsd­iff — binary dif­fer
bspatch — binary patcher
bvi — binary vi (yet another hex edi­tor)
ccx2 — con­sole xmms2 client
clive — flash video down­loader
dvipdfmx — dvi to pdf con­verter
enfuse — poor man’s HDR
get_flash_videos — yet another flash video down­loader
glark — advanced grep
indent — code beau­ti­fier
lshw — list hard­ware con­fig­u­ra­tion
mcurl — mul­ti­ple part down­loader using curl
mktemp — safely cre­ate tem­po­rary files and direc­to­ries
msort — sort records in com­plex ways
net­brake — band­width lim­iter
od — octal dump
par — para­graph refor­mat­ter
par2 — archive ver­i­fi­ca­tion and repair tool
ped — sed done right with perl
pinfo — color info reader
pipe.vim — make vim part of a unix pipe and allow it to
edit the pipe con­tents
pv — Pipe Viewer: a tool for mon­i­tor­ing
the progress of data through a pipe
pydf — pretty df (disk space viewer)
qmv — use your favorite edi­tor to rename files
(part of renameu­tils)
qodem — modem pro­gram that can do ser­ial, tel­net, ssh,
zmo­dem, ker­mit, etc
rdiff-backup — like rsync, but can do incre­men­tal back­ups
recode — like dos2unix and unix2dos, but with many more encod­ings
record­my­desk­top — make screen­cast videos
remark — great log­file col­orizer (part of regex-markup)
rkhunter — find rootkit infec­tions
rlwrap — add read­line edit­ing sup­port to any com­mand
safe­copy — data recov­ery tool (bet­ter than dd)
sponge — soak up stdin and write to a file
(for things like pipeline edit­ing)
sux — su while trans­fer­ring X cre­den­tials
unbuffer — force flush­ing of std­out
upx — exe­cutable com­pres­sor
utimer — count­down timer and stop­watch
vared — edit shell vari­ables (part of zsh)
watch — run a com­mand mul­ti­ple times and dis­play the out­put
(with dif­fer­ences high­lighted)
xdo­tool — sim­u­late key­board and mouse activ­ity
xxd — hex dump
zargs — a ver­sion of xargs that makes the find com­mand redun­dant
(part of zsh)
zed — very small and fast vi-like edi­tor (part of zsh)
zrun — auto­mat­i­cally uncom­press argu­ments to command

More at: http://kkovacs.eu/cool-but-obscure-unix-tools