This page con­tains all of the lit­tle util­i­ties that I’ve devel­oped. Some are very spe­cific, some are gen­eral, and all were needed at least once :)

  • Unix Time Con­ver­sion
    Pass the time in unix for­mat to this script as a com­mand line para­me­ter. The out­put is human read­able date/time.
  • JavaScript Deob­fus­ca­tion
    This script reads from STDIN, so pipe your encoded JavaScript to the script on the com­mand line. The script will auto­mat­i­cally remove any­thing that doesn’t match the form \x?? where ? is 0–9 or A-F before pro­cess­ing through 2 rounds of deob­fus­ca­tion. The first is the \x based, the sec­ond is % based.

** Note: I’ve moved the sim­ple JavaScript deob­fus­ca­tion code to GitHub. It used to be a screen­shot as Web­sense had pre­vi­ously marked my blog as “Mali­cious” when I hosted the Perl code directly.

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