Password Guessing

One thing I enjoy doing is set­ting up fake ser­vices such as FTP and just col­lect­ing the user­names and pass­words that peo­ple (or more likely auto­mated scripts) are try­ing to gain access with.

One recent obser­va­tion showed that in addi­tion to the com­mon pass­words of abc123, pass­word, and let­mein. That com­mon key­board pat­terns were also tried, such as qwer­tyuiop, zxcvbnm, qazwsxedc, 1qa2ws3ed. Another attacker decided to try some more obscure passwords.By googling some of these, it looks like the script may have been look­ing for a machine infected with a back­door that was released in 2004! Those pass­words were: pulamea, mui­etie, n-am_prins_parola, and pulan­pizda.

Inter­est­ing choices!

One thought on “Password Guessing

  1. 2004!!
    Any­one remem­ber what the back­door this was asso­ci­ated with?
    It’s 2011 and it has reap­peared from server IP:

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