Rebuilt the Workstation

Today I decided to rebuild my per­sonal work­sta­tion again. I’d had Win­dows 7 installed since Novem­ber 2011 as I had started play­ing games like Skyrim, Dia­blo 3, and Guild Wars 2. I’ve real­ized that I haven’t really played a game in many months and have no spe­cific need for the Win­dows OS.

I’ve went with my old friend Arch and tried out a new win­dow man­ager (i3).

randr is now fully sup­ported within the nvidia binary dri­vers, so i3 had no trou­ble rec­og­niz­ing the mul­ti­ple mon­i­tors. Both .i3status.conf and .i3/config were straight-forward to edit to my liking.

So far so good!

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