Installing the Android SDK on Ubuntu 9.10

Quick notes for myself.….

- Ver­i­fied I already had the JDK installed
- Installed Eclipse
- Down­loaded the lat­est SDK
- Installed it and added it’s loca­tion to my $PATH via export in ~/.bashrc
— Go to: Win­dow -> Pref­er­ences -> Install/Update -> Avail­able Soft­ware and add the fol­low­ing install loca­tions: and

— Go to: Help -> Install New Soft­ware and select to “Work with:” the google URL.
- Select and install the Devel­oper Tools

Next up.  Installing a cus­tom devel­oped “Hello, World” onto the Motorola Back­flip which “doesn’t allow appli­ca­tions from untrusted sources due to car­rier restric­tions”.…. right ;)

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