Unblocking “Dangerous” Attachments in Outlook 2007

I recently came across an email that had an attach­ment of a very spe­cific file type. I was expect­ing this email and the attach­ment. Out­look how­ever, didn’t know about this file exten­sion and decided that it should be blocked. After some search­ing I came across this KB Arti­cle that describes how to reme­di­ate this issue in Out­look 2000.

Some minor tweaks and it works for Out­look 2007 too!

Name: Level1Remove
Type: REG_SZ
Data: List of file exten­sions sep­a­rated with a comma includ­ing the period. (Ex: .mdb,.xnk)

If you want to block exten­sions nor­mally allowed mod­ify Level1Add instead of Level1Remove.

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