Installing the Android SDK on Ubuntu 9.10

Quick notes for myself.….

- Ver­i­fied I already had the JDK installed
- Installed Eclipse
- Down­loaded the lat­est SDK
- Installed it and added it’s loca­tion to my $PATH via export in ~/.bashrc
— Go to: Win­dow -> Pref­er­ences -> Install/Update -> Avail­able Soft­ware and add the fol­low­ing install loca­tions: and

— Go to: Help -> Install New Soft­ware and select to “Work with:” the google URL.
- Select and install the Devel­oper Tools

Next up.  Installing a cus­tom devel­oped “Hello, World” onto the Motorola Back­flip which “doesn’t allow appli­ca­tions from untrusted sources due to car­rier restric­tions”.…. right ;)

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Android is on ATT.… and it rocks!

I’ve been an iPhone user since Novem­ber 2008, and tonight I bought my first Android device.  It’s the Motorola Back­flip.  Even though the phone is only run­ning 1.5 (sup­pos­edly to be upgraded to 2.1 in the next cou­ple months), it has a ton of fea­tures that I found myself desir­ing on the iPhone.

First and fore­most, it dis­plays noti­fi­ca­tion icons while locked to let me know if there is a new email from work or not.  Really Apple? Is that so hard?  But Android/MOTO­Blur doesn’t stop there; oh no, they actu­ally dis­play dif­fer­ent noti­fi­ca­tion icons for each email account.  Sweet­ness. Gtalk? Inte­grated and run­ning in the back­ground. AIM? Inte­grated and run­ning in the back­ground. Pho­tos for con­tacts? Face­book. Awesome.

I was even able to cre­ate a new ring­tone with­out hardly any effort. I con­nected via USB, cre­ated a folder called “music” and drop a cou­ple of mp3 files in there. Unmounted it, and bam I can play the music from the media wid­get on my home­screen.  I then down­loaded ring­droid from the Mar­ket­place and selected about 30s worth of a song, sav­ing it as a ring­tone.  I con­nected the USB again, and what do you know: /media/audio/ringtones has been cre­ated and has a new mp3 in it. I copied that up to my linux box, con­nected my fiancé’s phone, copied the folder struc­ture down to her device (also a Motorola Back­flip), and then assigned the ring­tone to my contact.

Done. Less than 5 min­utes and I’ve got­ten a cus­tom ring­tone from my per­sonal music col­lec­tion.  Fan­tas­tic. Well played Motorola and Google!

One down­side: Yahoo! search on the home screen.…. Solu­tion: delete it, and set browser home­page to Fixed. :)

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Started Reading: Denialism–1

Got through the rather lengthy intro­duc­tion and the first two chap­ters.  So far, I’m intrigued! It’s kept my atten­tion and pro­vided a ton of facts in a clear con­cise manner.

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So tonight I tried to import my Word­Press based blog,, into pos­ter­ous and real­ized that the import func­tion is.… well, quite frankly, worthless.

All for­mat­ting is lost. Para­graphs, bold, ital­ics.… all of it gone.  I’m at a lost for words.

If that weren’t enough, the dif­fer­ence between ” and ’ when used to define a lan­guage in the code tag is the dif­fer­ence between func­tional and broken.

Per­haps I’ll work on an import script.…. :)

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